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‘Tis the Season – Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather in San Diego

‘Tis the season of sudden downpours and frequent showers and even sunny San Diego isn’t exempt from this fact of life. With more rain on the horizon this week, it’s a good time to re-familiarize yourself with the art of safe driving in unsafe weather.

In order to help you and those around you travel safe on wet roads this season, keep the following in mind:

  • Exercise caution. Drive defensively by adjusting your speed to the present road conditions.
  • Allow for more travel time. Plan to drive slower and anticipate traffic delays.
  • Brake earlier and with less force. This will reduce the chance of a collision with the drivers around you.
  • Avoid using cruise control. The cruise control feature could cause your vehicle to accelerate when you are hydroplaning.
  • Turn your headlights on. It helps you see the road, and helps other motorists see you as well.
  • If you hydroplane, don’t brake suddenly or turn the wheel. Instead, release the gas pedal slowly and keep the steering wheel straight until the car regains traction. This will help you avoid skidding.

Of course even when abiding by these strategies, accidents do happen. If you find yourself in need of non-emergency roadside assistance on San Diego freeways, simply dial 5-1-1 from your mobile phone and say “Roadside assistance”. Doing so will connect you with a trained dispatcher who can ensure that you receive the appropriate aid and will stay on the line until such help has arrived.

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Halloween Night – Drive Safe and Remember SAFE 5-1-1

If you’re traveling this Halloween weekend, you’ll find no shortage of the most evil villains, admirable superheroes, and everything in between. Halloween can be a very dangerous night for driving. With countless San Diego residents and visitors traveling to parties on Halloween, car trouble is inevitable.

But even though possible unrelenting disasters may strike again on Halloween Night, you’re in luck! Fortunately, SAFE 511 is your superhero on the road! We can give you the best advice if you’re planning on traveling Halloween weekend:

  • Buckle up
  • Familiarize yourself with the transportation situation beforehand
  • Make plans accordingly to avoid stress and frustration at the event
  • Drive safely on wet roads
  • Be aware of ramp speeds when entering and exiting a highway
  • Use a safe following distance
  • Practice the proper lane change steps
  • Stay awake
  • Don’t drink and drive

SAFE 511 reminds drivers, that should you have an incident while driving to follow these four steps:

  1. Determine where you are located by Highway number and nearest exit, or other landmark
  2. Pull over to a safe place
  3. Dial 511
  4. Say “Roadside Assistance”

Through Mobile Call Box, San Diego drivers can now get roadside assistance from the relative safety of their vehicles on freeways and highways throughout San Diego County.  Drivers simply need to dial 5-1-1 from their cell phones to get the same helpful roadside service they have always received through our stationary call boxes.

Mobile Call Box calls are designed for use in non-emergency situations such as when motorists need a tow truck, have run out of gas, or require other types of motorist aid.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the transportation situation beforehand and make plans accordingly to avoid stress and frustration at the event. Remember to have fun, be a safe and courteous driver, and although we cannot stop time and levitate your car above the freeway, SAFE 511 is always there to be your superhero on the road.

For more information on the SAFE 511 program please visit http://www.sdcallbox.org/.

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Think of SAFE 511 as your guardian angel on the road: a driver’s testimonial

We’ve all been there before. The needle on the fuel gauge edges closer and closer to zero, and it’s time to head to a gas station before your car runs out of fuel and leaves you stalled in the fast lane.

But this everyday occurrence of watching your fuel level becomes much more of a problem when your gas gauge isn’t working. And for one unlucky driver, a simple commute home from work left him stranded and alone on the side of the freeway. Miles from home or the closest gas station, and without any assistance in sight, he decided to call 5-1-1, expecting to be stuck on the phone for hours awaiting help that he wasn’t sure would even come.  But to his surprise, the operator answered immediately and was friendly and helpful, sending assistance quickly and getting him back on the road in no time.

For even the most careful of drivers, circumstances out of one’s control can often create havoc at the worst possible time. When a woman and her young son were on their way to a crucial appointment to which they could not be late, the front tire of their car blew out as they drove over an obstacle in the middle of the freeway.  She realized the dangerous situation that they were in, and after an unsuccessful attempt to call 9-1-1 placed her on hold for countless minutes, she remembered to try 5-1-1 instead. The operator responded instantly and quickly sent assistance, finishing the job rapidly and efficiently. She praised the effectiveness of the service, describing it as if an angel had come to her aid in a seemingly impossible situation.

Whether your engine breaks down, your tires blow out, your gas tank is leaking, or you dropped the couch strapped to your car in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic, SAFE 511 will be with you every step of the way. We respond to anything from running out of gas to a car accident with the utmost speed and efficiency, providing the best assistance on the road when you need it the most. Drivers all over San Diego acclaim the service as a quick and convenient way to get out of a difficult situation. We continually exceed expectations, and with our friendly and helpful operators, you are never alone on the road.

The next time you face problems on the freeway, follow the lead of countless other drivers in San Diego and remember to call 5-1-1!

For more driver testimonials, please visit our website.

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